Translating Moodle Mobile

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How do I translate the words and phrases used in the Moodle Mobile app?

Moodle Mobile is translated via the Moodle translation site using AMOS.

In order to translate the Moodle Mobile strings you have to:

  • Select the component local_moodlemobileapp
  • Select version 2.6

You only need to translate the strings for that version; there is no need to propagate the strings to other versions.

Notice that most of the app strings are automatically translated (because they are already translated in Moodle), so only the strings that are specific to the mobile app are displayed.

I am not a language pack maintainer. How can I contribute a translation?

The process is the same as for core Moodle. See Contributing a translation.

Note: Please contact the maintainer of your language pack as listed in the Translation credits to tell them that you are translating Moodle Mobile. (If you don't receive a reply within a reasonable time, contact our Moodle translation coordinator, Koen Roggemans,

When will the translated strings be shown in the Moodle Mobile app?

Translations are not automatically synchronised with the app; you will have to wait to the next app release to see your latest translations.