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This page is aimed at listing all of the parts of Moodle that have inadequate or missing tooltips and providing suggestions for text to add to them.

Each tooltip should have three things:

  • The name of the item
  • How it works
  • Why you would want to use it

Occasionally all 3 will not be necessary (e.g. Delete), but that should be a rare exception, not the rule.

Course page

Editing icons:

Icon Current tooltip Improved tooltip suggestion
Move Move Click here and drag to move this item to any other part of the center column
Right arrow Move right Click here to indent this item one level to the right. This can help you to structure your course by presenting items in nested lists
Edit icon Update Click here to update settings for this item such as its name or the instructions the students will see
Delete icon Delete Delete this item (you will be asked to confirm)
Open eye Hide This item is currently visible to students. Click here to hide it
Little person No groups (click to change) This item is currently set to 'No groups' mode, meaning that it will ignore what group(s) a student is part of. Click here to switch it to separate groups and click again to switch it to visible groups.