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  • 001 Really need a setting for enabling the teacher to assess all students - DONE
  • 002 Really need settings for weighting the teacher's assessment more than the students' assessments - DONE
  • 003 If the teacher assesses students, their assessment should be clearly shown, perhaps in a separate column (as in pre-2.0 workshop) in the grading evaluation
David: can't be done - there are no "teachers" in Moodle any more, there are just roles and capabilities.
  • 004 Comparison with best assessment grading evaluation method should compare with teacher assessment
David: it is - the teacher's assessment is taken into account as any other assessment. If you want to compare with the teacher's one only, set the weight to all others to zero
  • 005 In Grading evaluation phase recalculate grades button should be positioned at bottom and grading evaluation settings minimized to save space on page
David: well, on that page, the button is the thing you work with most, right? whould should you scroll every time to recalculate the grades?
  • 006 Icons in received grades and given grades columns should be removed to simplify things
David: what icons do you mean? If user avatars, I do not agree. IMHO they help to visualise the plenty of links among peers. All other symbols there have a special meaning
  • 007 Received grades should be renamed 'Grades received' and Given grades renamed as 'Grades given' - DONE
  • 008 Anonymous submissions should be a setting rather than a permissions change
David: can't be - was discussed during the workshop 2.0 specification. Anonymity is a subject of capability, teachers want to know whom they are assessing, while students should not know that, for example.
  • 009 Great that frames are gone in the 2.0 workshop - they were a big problem in the pre-2.0 workshop
  • 010 The capabilities mod/workshop:viewauthornames and mod/workshop:viewreviewernames should both be not allowed for the default student role (currently viewauthornames is allowed and viewreviewernames not)
  • 011 Should be able to select custom scales in addition to 0-100 (as for the assignment module)
  • 012 Rubric form should have a field for comments
  • 013 Option of making example submission assessment voluntary/required before own submission/required before assessment is great! (Would be good if we could think of a more descriptive name than 'Mode of examples assessment'.)
  • 014 Being able to allow late submissions is very useful!
  • 015 Teacher should be able to set up the whole workshop to run automatically i.e. no teacher intervention manually changing phases (as in old workshop)
  • 016 Should be an option to show grades automatically on close of assessment phase (as in old workshop and in quiz module)
  • 017 Submission allocation could be simplified by having the random allocation settings in the workshop settings (apart from remove current allocations) then no need for 2 tabs
  • 018 Settings block should have link to workshop planner
  • 019 It's confusing having links 'Set the workshop introduction', 'Provide instructions for submitting', 'Provide instructions for assessing' all linking to the same place
  • 020 Assessments should be displayed when the workshop is closed
  • 021 Review the workshop links in the settings block and perhaps add a link to the workshop planner