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FYI I have an evolving internal checklist when onboarding new staff which is very similar to this. For comparison:

  • Moodle walk through of high level concepts, types plugins
  • git and git submodule standards
  • plugin infrastructure and code layout
  • plugin types
  • code standards
  • Unit tests
  • External travis CI with matrix builds
  • DB read / write api
  • DB install and upgrade api, xmldb editor
  • formsapi
  • moodle_url
  • Settings, navigation, navbar, menu items
  • Renderers / templates
  • Events and handlers
  • Message api
  • backup and restore
  • performance profiling, xhprof, using MUC, creating data sources
  • subplugins
  • Submit plugin to plugins directory
  • Submit bug fixes to moodle core