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Talk:Translating Moodle Docs

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Hi, i don't (well) understand latest changes (, and mainly why it's important to include interlanguage link on pages having only a redirect. For what i know, people coming to these pages will be automatically (and immediatly) redirected to the real/useful page, and will never see the language link. I would better tell it's important to create redirect pages in your own language (documentation).--Séverin Terrier (talk) 21:19, 9 March 2016 (AWST)

Hi, Séverin is 100% correct that the user will never SEE the interlanguage link, but I have included es (Spanish) interlanguage links in English documentation pages so that I REMEMBER to include the redirection page in my own language wiki 2 minutes later. I want to replicate all important English redirections in the Spanish documentation, specially redirections caused by 'Moodle Docs for this page' . If I see a broken redirect or a double-redirect in my language wiki I can easily track the original English Doc page that caused that broken-or-double redirection and fix the target in my language wiki. Maybe someone can improve the text to emphasize the important issue, as Séverin suggests. German Valero (talk)

I expanded the said paragraphs in the documentation page, but please change as you think is needed in order to emphasize the important things. I usually over-emphasize the instructions that I guess would have helped me (if I had read them before) to prevent the mistakes/disasters I have recently made. I learn a lot from my mistakes and I don't want others to repeat them :) German Valero (talk)