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--Wenceslao Fernandez 07:38, 15 November 2011 (WST)

A simple (?) but useful improvement: limit the answers on a multichoice question with multiple answers, for example if there are 8 items users can choose only 4 of them, for instance.


Jenny Gray wrote "once a record has been submitted by a user, who is allowed to see it (R/O access)?, who is allowed to edit it (R/W access)?, who is allowed to delete it? "

I do not see the necessity for having the "edit responses" capability for any-one (admin / teacher or student) in a survey-type activity. Once responses have been submitted, they should remain as they are...

--Joseph Rézeau 08:59, 8 April 2011 (CDT)

Ciao Joseph I am the author of the text you cited. You are right until we talk about the questionnaire intended as a "pure" educational tool but in a wider sense the list of permissions I reported may become useful. I add some cases, sadly very common to me, in which reported permissions may become important. As you know, I am the collector of requests of users asking for web services through moodle at the Italian National Institute of Health.

example 1. At national level, we need to collect information about a topic. Infos come from hospitals. In each hospital there is administrative staff (group of few persons). Each people in that group needs: to enter info, to update info with the time, to see the record added by his/her colleagues (AND NOT COMING FROM OTHER HOSPITALS) and, maybe, to edit/delete their own records.

example 2. At national level, we need to collect information about a topic. Infos come from hospitals. In each hospital there is administrative staff (group of few persons). At a defined deadline, data entry has to be denied and people from hospitals is no longer allowed to add/edit/delete records BUT people from NIH is supposed to add some NIH specific additional info and maybe, edit/delete ALL entered records.

Even this, it is a long time I believe the first permissions item (ALL/ALL/ALL) has no sense and is completely useless.

As usual, sorry for my English.

--Daniele Cordella 2 02:03, 9 April 2011 (CDT)

Will it be possible to collect tabular data via the survey. ie

Program, Percentage of time watched, Medium used NEWS, always, TV Cartoons , seldom, internet ..... This can be accomplished by using a database but it does not integrate well , especially when reviewing a survey. --Frank Sainsbury 10:29, 28 September 2011 (WST)

Problem: Loss of students' feedback responses due to timing out of site before responses are completed. No way to save partially completed response in Feedback.

Our Distance Education department is using Feedback as a way of having students respond to topics, perform tasks and even work out Maths problems. Unfortunately, if students leave their response unfinished while they leave the computer, the Moodle site may time out and work is lost. Is there a way to save a partial response and complete it later so that this work is not lost? -- Marilyn Humphries

Wanted: "personality type" questions

It would be great if a question type or instrument type could be included that would allow selection of a choice to add to a specific variable. As an example, see the Briggs-Meyers style tests, e.g. -- Elizabeth Dalton 01:54, 1 March 2012 (WST)

New Question Type: Lecturer Questions

We'd quite like to see a question type (or option) that would allow a single question to be asked of all users in a particular role.

E.g. Adding a ranking question for Role[EditingTeacher] would display something like

                    1      3     5
Dr Strangelove      [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
Prof Green          [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
Mr Samuels          [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Each of the the people listed would be taken from the role(s) specified. --Michael Hughes 22:11, 2 March 2012 (WST)

gradebook integration (to allow simple polls to control conditional activities)

I'm somewhat skeptical about the usefulness of that feature (proposed by Jenny Gray).

In my opinion a Survey is usually meant to collect people's opinions, views, etc. and its questions should not be graded (it is not a Quiz). The only kind of "grade" that may be attributed is for completing the whole Survey (as is currently the case with Questionnaire).

On the other hand, it would be extremely useful to attach a "grade" or "score" or "value" to the answers to certain types of questions*, in order to use those various values to create a "personality test" type of *Report*. Viz. the "personality test" feature I am proposing in my current "proof of concept" version of Questionnaire here:

  • such as Boolean (yes/no), radio buttons, rate.

But maybe if values are attributed to certain question types choices we can combine the use suggested by Jenny (needs more examples) and the "personality test" feature.

--Joseph Rézeau 22:13, 6 November 2012 (WST)

I am wondering about utilizing the Question Bank for use in Survey 2. I believe the Question Bank, while not perfect, is a robust tool, which allows quick reuse of questions, editing of questions across multiple instances of use, question organization, easy replication of Activity, etc. One thing that annoys me about the Lesson activity, for instance, is that the questions are trapped in that particular Activity. Additionally, the formatting of different question types is different across the Lesson, the Questionnaire or Survey, and the Question Bank.

I recognize Joseph's concerns that the Questionnaire or Survey is not an assessment tool, per se, and use it that way myself (it collects data, it does not asses). But that doesn't necessarily rule out the use of the Question Bank. For instance, the "Label" is a type of question in the QB already, and it has no grade attached to it -- why couldn't there be Ungraded / Data Gathering question types in the QB? Questions that could then be included in a Survey?

Last, though I am clearly not doing the development work (nor do I have the skills), it seems like a wild duplication of effort to recreate various question types inside the Survey tool, when they could simply be copied and modified in the Question Bank to develop "non-graded" versions.

Long and short -- if we're calling these things where Instructors present the student with a prompt and allow the student to input something a QUESTION, why wouldn't all QUESTIONS live inside the Question Bank instead of being trapped in individual Activities? My two cents...

--Matt Fedorko (talk) 05:56, 18 December 2013 (WST)

Hope I am okay adding to this discussion here? - if not feel free to move or delete my comments.

I would say a big +1 to the ability to attach a score to any questions for diagnostic/personality type questionnaires - this would be a very useful feature.

Maybe the current grade boundary model in the quiz could be used so that if scoring is used ("personality test" type) then the feedback or even forwarding URL could vary. OR could we use existing conditional access to say if Feedback (Survey 2) score is 0-10 give access to A or score 11-20 give access to B etc?

I would not vote for feedback/survey questions going into the questionbank. The quiz is a comprehensive, complex and well developed tool however it is not the most intuitive to use. I think building these questions in the questionbank would be confusing and a distraction for most users. Otherwise the same argument could be made for the Choice tool. My vote is to keep it the same as it is. Note, these questions are not "trapped" as it is a simple process to copy an existing activity as a starting point for other activities. You can also use the template feature or import/export questions too.

I am keen to know when the new upgraded "Survey tool 2" will be available.

Status Update

Can we get a status update for this plugin?

The information on the page seems outdated. For example, the link to the project on GitHub doesn't work. Has this project been renamed to SurveyPro at ?

During the March 2014 developer's meeting, it was mentioned that this plugin is activity plugin module which would eventually be a replacement for the Survey, Questionnaire, Feedback and Quiz if I recall correctly.