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If you are a happy user of PhpStorm, please consider voting for

It covers automatic detection of dynamic database prefixes in SQL string like "SELECT * FROM {users} WHERE id=?"

Although those warnings in PhpStrom about SQL errors are not real "errors" but they add noise to the other warnings and you might miss a real error/warning...

I don't understand "Strip trailing whitespace from "Modified Lines" in "Preferences / IDE Settings / Editor"". What does it mean? Should we select "Modified lines" or None.

If you edit an existing file of code with thousands of lines (e.g. lib/moodlelib.php), and just change one line of code, when when you commit to git, you want to ensure that the git commit only shows one line as modified. Therefore, you don't want your IDE to mess with whitespace on all lines, only on lines you have changed.--Tim Hunt (talk) 21:47, 21 January 2018 (UTC)