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Quiz report statistics

Hello I have been digging around trying to understand the Quiz report statistics. I know they are not for the average teachers, and while I am an average teacher, I couldn't understand much from the report. The other two relevant pages I found are: and Although only the first is for teachers, I must stay that the second one and particularly this article (Quiz report statistics) make much more sense. Specially the tables with the interpretations are exactly what a teacher could look for. I could try to update the teacher's article, but I don't have any statistics background and probably I may have misunderstood things. Although if there is someone with good understanding of the terms and would like to collaborate with me, I would offer to simplify the teacher's article. --anna krassa 11:47, 16 July 2014 (UTC+3).

Another good source is - linked to from the bottom of the teacher documentation. Any work you can do to improve the teacher documentation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.--Tim Hunt (talk) 01:37, 31 July 2014 (WST)