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After helping my wife give a quiz on moodle, I've come up with some suggestions about the quiz module.

When looking at the results under "Item Analysis" it would be helpful to have an option to award points for a certain answer. i.e. in a short answer question, a student has a different way of phrasing the correct answer which you didn't enter as a correct answer. While yes, you can go and edit the questions, that can be a cumbersome process.

Also, under "Item Analysis" it would also be useful to be able to have the option of seeing who answered which question which way, rather than having to go check each student's quiz. i.e. "Can I see who answered "B" on question 3"

Under "Manual Grading" it is difficult to tell which students still need to be graded. Changing it to match the "Grade" or "Update" as found in the assignment section would be useful

Also under "Manual Grading", one can award more points for a question than the question is worth. While this can be useful, it should probably warn the teacher. i.e. award 70 points of 10 available, rather than 7 points of 10, because the 0 wasn't selected to be overwritten. that should probably mark that student's as "Extra Points awarded" or have a warning box appear "You have awarded more points than the question is worth, Press OK to continue or Cancel to edit the number of points awarded.

just my $0.02

Frank Barton 09:57, 31 January 2007 (CST)

The best place to post things like this is in the Quiz forum.Tim Hunt 03:01, 1 February 2007 (CST)