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Talk:Paint tool

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Feedback from Martin D: 3 June 2009

Very comprehensive and clear description of the work, well done.

I am a little disappointed about basing it on HTML 5, because it means only a very small percentage of Moodle users will be able to use this new system for quite a long time in the future. However I do understand the reasons for that decision and I support it.

One area I suggest you will need to look closely at is how the editor will be writing the file back to Moodle. I guess there will be a PHP script within the tinymce plugin directory with strong security that can accept the file and write it to the current filearea being used (eg forum post, assignment, etc).

This means your editor needs to "hold" that filearea information somewhere and the whole system needs to deal with the security case where someone changes those values in their running client.

Details about using the new Moodle File API in 2.0 are here:

--Martin Dougiamas 02:59, 4 June 2009 (UTC)