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Talk:PHP error logs

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First bullet point says to add a line to config.php and then "then reload the web page". What web page? It does not talk about a web page before this point? (Maybe I am being really stupid here, but this is not clear.)

Apparently you can attempt to access *any* web page generated by php, is that right?

It might be worth mentioning the PHP ships with all error reporting off, and that the philosophy behind PHP is that in production you simply don't report errors that occur. This strikes me as really strange (if you are running in production it seems like you would want any and all error very precisely reported .. but I am new to PHP programming.)

Apparently, using IIS and FastCGI, PHP fails to report errors to the logs, even when the settings mentioned on this page are made. Additional information at Is this information too detailed for this page?

I was completely unable to get any log file until I added the following to the cfg.php:

   ini_set ('error_log','c:\\PHPErrors\\my.log');

Even though I had set this in the php.ini it was having no effect, and I could not find the errors being logged anywhere. This, along with the other setting (except NOT setting 'display_errors') in cfg.php allowed finally the output to the log file.