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Your example meets our needs for the OCR national in ICT (UK). The pupils have to create evidence for skills-competencies that may be across a range of different tasks. We have to be able to track the pupils progress agains the competencies, highlight areas that have not been attempted, feedback on work that was not to the required standard and allow for resubmission or further tasks to meet the same criteria. We also have to be able to quickly and easily show where the evidence for each competency comes from. for moderation/standardisation purposes.

Rick Barnes

how we apply the system with marks at Syrian Virtual University

The Students assessment is done by marking student's assignments and a final exam according to the following. For every assignment we have assessment criteria for pass, merit and distinction. The assessment criteria for pass are given 70% of the total marks of the assignment and 20% for merit criteria and 10% for distinction criteria. The marks are distributed evenly for each assessment criterion in the same category (pass, merit and distinction). The assignments are marked against the assessment criteria and marks are given for each criterion. The decision is then made according to the following: 1- Student should get in the final exam >40% (from the exam maximum mark). 2- Student should get >50% for the total marks (student work +exam). 3- Student should cover the outcomes by getting 1/2 of the marks for every assessment criterion designated to pass. 4- If student satisfy 1 and 2 above and did not cover the outcomes (missed one or more pass criterion), he will be given the opportunity to do so through extra work to be submitted within a certain period of time. 5- The extra work will not be given any extra marks. 6- Students who covered all outcomes and satisfy 1 and 2 above will be assessed according to the following 50-<69 Pass 70-<89 Merit 90-100 Distinction

Nidal Bizri (Syrian Virtual University)