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Reason for this page

Tracker and forums are difficult places to present exchange drafts of words. I thought that development: in MoodleDocs was an appropriate place.

"If it isn't broke don't fix it", sort of works for me. For me, it is more a case of "The devil is in the details" and how I can present suggestions in a constructive and efficient manner. I will not be insulted if this page is deleted or if none of my suggestions are used. --chris collman 06:30, 8 November 2006 (CST)

Moodle Community

Moodle Community

This section caused me to start this page. I am going to offer a few changes. We have definately moved in a good direction (for a new user) and our tone needs to stay friendly and upbeat. My goal for this section would be to edit so the overall length is not longer, and to add more links.

"The best place to start" is NOT "Using Moodle" for a new user. On the first line of the Using Moodle link, we essentially redirect a new user again with the "WELCOME! Are you new? Confused? Please start here!" because of the number of questions that were being posted by new and causual visitors to our social forum. I also think it is time to rewrite but that is another story.

Where did 75 languages come from and do we really need to link to the same page twice (see Moodle Downloads section) on our home page? says there are currently 66 language packs. This might be a place to direct non-english speakers to (forums, MoodleDocs, and language packs). Multiculturalism is a Moodle strength, we have better examples.--chris collman 06:59, 8 November 2006 (CST)