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Talk:Mahara Portfolio Plugin

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Question 1

It occurs to me that maybe Mahara could send back information about where files could be put/blogposts could be stored etc, as part of the reply to the "intent to send" request? In the "happy path", we wouldn't expect this information to change, so maybe it's safe to send back something then? Nigel McNie 07:40, 20 July 2008 (CDT)

We'd have to send back information about where to put any possible content though, because at the intent to send stage, we don't know what format it is (eg, it might just be a file but could be a LEAP/PIOP component, which would go into a whole another artefact plugin). we'd essentially have to send back the entire artefact tree. and then even if we did that, at that point Moodle still doesn't know what format the user wants, so we'd still have to add another step._ Penny Leach

Question 2

I would send Moodle content (some Skills repository stuff) to Mahara (v 1.4).

I use Mahara Portfolio Plugin for such a task (it works pretty well) but now I would send it to a special Mahara artefact I have made for.

How do I say to Mahara that the Leap content has to be redirected to my new artefact and not to put/blogspots ? I can't find anything about that in Mahara stuff... An hint ? Jean FRUITET

Proposed MNET Changes

moved Nigel's comments to Development_talk:MNET Roadmap - Penny