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Must have

  • The ability to load different content depending on the page requested ("must have" - really? -- Damyon)

--Andrew Nicols (talk) 08:41, 1 September 2014 (WST)

Do we really want to load all of the JS for every plugin (core and contrib) on every page? Even the login page? --Andrew Nicols (talk)
  • Aria support

--Damyon Wiese

  • Long term support. At least as long as a LTS Moodle release cycle (but really this is the bare minimum - we want something that will not leave us in this position even 3 years down the track - more like 10!).

--Damyon Wiese

Good to have

  • Isolation such that the JavaScript packaged in a Moodle plugin cannot easily interfere with javascript in other Moodle plugins, or the Moodle core. (mudrd8mz: Let me suggest this is moved to Must have)

--Andrew Nicols (talk) 08:41, 1 September 2014 (WST)

  • Low barriers to entry for new developers

--Damyon Wiese

  • Set of common UI widgets

-- Damyon Wiese

  • mudrd8mz: Nice, short and intuitive wrappers for common actions done in JS that allows you to do them easily - DOM manipulation, clever events handling (like Y.delegate) and AJAX calls handling come to my mind as the basic set
  • mudrd8mz: Good to excellent docs for developers
  • mudrd8mz: Tools available for JS minification and debugging (although not necessarily built-in)
  • mudrd8mz: Existing dev community and solutions/style to follow

Icing on the cake

  • mudrd8mz: Ability to re-use the code on the server side such as in node.js

Thing we do not want

  • bloat

-- Damyon Wiese

  • mudrd8mz: Something made by Google :-p