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The issue is being discussed in the Gradebook forum. Please use the thread at to comment on this spec

Initial feedback from Tim

May I commend to you the wise words:

“Show me your flowcharts and conceal your tables, and I shall continue to be mystified. Show me your tables, and I won’t usually need your flowcharts; they’ll be obvious.” — Fred Brooks in “The Mythical Man-Month” 1975

The point is, we need to work out exactly what data we will be storing, and more importantly, what the meaning of what we store is. If we get that right, then the rest should be obvious. Of course, it is not at all clear what data structure, solves all the problems. Getting that right will take a lot of thought.--Tim Hunt 22:46, 30 March 2011 (UTC)

More feedback from Tim

Moodle developers' chat about this:

From there, I am a bit worried about how the following scenarios are handled:

Scenario 1:

  • We have a course with a formative assessment that is open throughout the length of the course.
  • Students can attempt the quiz at any time, and they can make multiple attempts.
  • The grades for this formative quiz should appear in the gradebook the moment the student has finished an attempt, and should be visible to both students and teachers. (Although these grades do not affect the total course grade.)

Scenario 2:

  • Summative test with a deadline.
  • Students should only see their grades in the gradebook after the deadline as passed, and then the teacher has approved the grades.
  • Before the deadline, teachers must be able to see the grades for their students (think Separate groups) in the gradebook, to monitor progress.

--Tim Hunt 06:39, 8 April 2011 (CDT)