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Talk:Google Gears integration

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Martin D's comments 3 June 2009

This project should have been called "Offline caching of Moodle", but despite that I agree that Google Gears is the sensible target in the short term, while designing things to directly use HTML 5 in the future.

One thing I was worrying about was how to deal with dead-ends or the parts of Moodle that require online interaction, like Moodle forms.

It would be good if each module could define, for each script that provides content, what links should be treated as non-cacheable, so that when you're offline you would have certain links and buttons modified.

eg Forum module

  • the link to the forum/index.php would be kept (from the course page etc) so that the forum could be viewed offline
  • links to discussions forum/discuss.php would be kept, so that the discussions could be viewed offline
  • all links to Reply to a post etc could be disabled or have some Javascript put on them to post an alert like "This function requires connection to the main site, do you want to go online? Yes/No".

As certain functionality was improved, the module could redefine this list.