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Talk:Database Schema

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Note: You can't right-click and download the link: click on it and download the .rar file. Right-click/download results in a corrupted file that can't be unRar'ed.


Download link is not working. -Dorian

None of the links to RAR files appear to be working and getting a 1.9 would be REALLY helpful. Surely someone has one of these somewhere? Mark H.

problem importing 1.8 data structure file into MySQL workbench

Comment: The data structure file here does not import successfully into MySQL workbench 5 (which replaced DBDesigner4) the import gets partway through then give this error:-

  Type mismatch expected type INT but got STRING 

(To get round this I imported into DBDesigner4 then generated a create script then brought that into MySQL Workbench.)

It would be very helpful to have the 1.9+ data model as XML or (preferably) the create script.


Downloaded and installed DB Designer4. Downloaded and saved the moodle_1.8_data_structure.rar. Opened DB Designer and couldn't "Import" anything except .xml files. Gave up - for now. SK