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The goals specified seem to cover exactly what I think the use case for 'global groups' are :) --Dan Poltawski 23:50, 8 March 2010 (UTC)

It would be useful to expand the comments about replacing category enrolments. Assignment to a role for a category e.g. as course Creator is a method used extensively to provide delegated permissions by department, school etc. It would be a shame for this to be lost in 2.0.

Will cohorts be role agnostic in the same way as course groups?

The following is a frequently asked for use case that doesn't seem to be catered for in specification here:

Site administrator (or others with relevant permissions) can allocate to a cohort e.g. cohort a, cohort b.

The site administrator wants to hand over responsibility for allocating users to cohort a to a user in cohort a who has the necessary permissions. This user should not be able to access any other cohort or allocate users to them. Are the new capabilities granualar enough to facilitate this? --Ray Lawrence 09:53, 31 March 2010 (UTC)

This mock-up (shown here: )contains a handful of features that (I think) are an important part of the Cohorts/Global Groups design at the site level. In particular..

1. Ability to control Global Groups membership and course enrolment at the site level 2. Ability to perform manual course enrolment (not synched) with Global Groups view 3. Ability to set up synched course enrolment based on Global Groups 4. Ability to sync group members (without groups) or group members and thier associated groups 5. Prevent synched groups from being edited at the course level 6. Allow Group Managers (role) to be assigned to Global Groups and Cohorts 7. Allow Global Groups have profiles (avatar + description + custom fields)

Please feel free to lift ideas or elements from the provided mock-up. [User: Fernando Oliveira June 21, 2010)