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Switching Moodle main code repository to Git

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Necessary changes on servers

Reconfigure CVS server

  1. DONE stop automatic weekly tagging and daily version commits in CVS
  2. DONE take away all CVS write access from main CVS moodle module at (keep all contrib and lang modules unchanged) - only account skodak, moodler and moodlebot can commit manually
  3. DONE stop AMOSbot committing into HEAD
  4. DONE stop automatic --> export

Set up git://

  1. DONE give write access to Sam, Petr, Eloy and Martin
  2. DONE configure Pull project to track this repo

Tweak git://

  1. DONE give write access to Sam, Petr, Eloy and Martin
  2. DONE create new master branch from cvshead
  3. DONE delete old cvshead branch in Git (the master is the correct name now)

Sync CVS with Git

  1. make binary snapshot from git cvshead to CVS HEAD - override CVS checkout with files from current cvshead Git branch

Next steps

  • branch MOODLE_20_STABLE from HEAD in CVS
  1. set up git commit hooks that push mirrors to Github and Gitorious from (all 4 branches, we need to set up keys for the moodlerobot)
  2. set up git commit hook that triggers export to CVS commit mirror (all 4 branches, we need to tweak the PHP script and keys for CVS commit access)
  • create new MOODLE_20_STABLE branch form master in git
  • set up 3 QA moodle sites on top of the integration git repo
  • create some workflow for amosbot commit requests into /install/xx/

Already done

  • create PULL project for requests