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Student projects/Automatic accessibility checking

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This project was an original GSoC 2008 project, but it was cancelled because the student failed to deliver sufficient code.

This page is a specification under construction! If you have any comments or suggestions, please share them with us.

Original Idea

This tool is used to make validating Moodle pages on the fly. It is a one click system on the client that takes the html source of the current page and submits it to W3C for validation. It then returns the errors and warnings in a simple GUI for easy reading and fixing.

JavaScript Version

  • Multi-browser support
  • Handling html source code in a JavaScript variable. (addslashes would be something to look into for JavaScript)

PHP Version

  • Ajax calls conflict when given the correct state. Reproduce - unknown



  • Make an experimental option in Moodle Admin to activate/deactivate
  • Ability to include on every page


  • Research
    • What is the maximum length of a POST with multipart/form-data? 8M post data, and 2M upload data.
  • Core Development
    • UML
      • UML version 1
    • PoC
      • PoC in Javascript of how to use a concrete SOAP library
      • Javascript Skeleton Version 1 (directly to the recycle bin)
      • PoC in Javascript on how to take the whole source code of the current HTML.
      • PoC in PHP of W3C SOAP API Version 2: uploaded_file method. The document to validate, POSTed as multipart/form-data.
        • Fix browser capability for the PoC in Javascript (Get complete source) Tested in IE 7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3 on a Windows XP Pro, still looking for a user with Mac osX.
      • PoC in JAvascript on how to take the whole source code of the current HTML from an external javascript file.
      • PoC in PHP of W3C SOAP API Version 1: URI method
  • GUI
    • Draw version 1
    • GUI version 2

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