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Quiz time controls on attempts

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Moodle 2.3

This is some draft user documentation that needs to be moved to the Moodle 2.3 wiki once it is ready. It will need to be linked to from and,



So, the settings that affect the times when students may attempt a quiz are:

  • The Open the quiz time. This is the earliest time that students can start a quiz attempt.
  • Once an attempt has been started, the student should submit it before whichever is sooner out of
    • the the attempt Started on time plus the quiz Time limit, or
    • the Close the quiz time.
  • If the student fails to submit before that time, then what happens depends on the When time expires setting.
    • the attempt may be submitted automatically.
    • or the attempt may be moved into a state Never submitted - the student has lost their chance to submit.
    • of the attempt may become Overdue ...
  • If an attempt is overdue, then the student can no longer answer any more questions, but during the Submission grace period, they may still go to the summary page and click the submit button. If they submit in that time, their attempt is counted.
  • If the students does not submit before the end of the grade period, their attempt becomes Never submitted. To be precise, the end of the grade period is whichever is sooner out of
    • the attempt Started on time plus the quiz Time limit plus the quiz Submission grace period, or
    • the Close the quiz time plus the quiz Submission grace period.
  • If the student is allowed more than one attempt, then there may be an Enforced delay between 1st and 2nd attempts or Enforced delay between later attempts. If this is the case then, the earliest time at which they may start their next attempt is whichever is sooner out of:
    • the previous attempt Completed time plus the relevant delay, or
    • the previous attempt Started on time, plus the quiz Time limit, plus the relevant delay.

The settings Open the quiz, Close the quiz and Time-limit may be overridden to be different for particular students or particular groups.

Those are all the quiz-specific settings. In addition, if Conditional access is turned on, the two settings Allow access from and Allow access until can also affect the quiz. Outside those times, the student will be unable to access any part of the quiz.

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