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Question Engine 2

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Question Engine 2
Project state Completed
Tracker issue MDL-20636 and MDL-27738
Assignee Tim Hunt

There are some long-standing problems at the heart of the Moodle quiz module. Some design decisions that made sense when the quiz was started in the Moodle 1.1 days that are creaking at the seams now, because the quiz and question system has expanded so much.

The main problems are

  • The database structure is not normalised. This leads to robustness issues, particularly on overloaded MySQL servers.
  • As features like adaptive mode and each attempt builds on last were added, the code has evolved into spaghetti.
  • And we want to add yet more things like certainty based marking.
  • It is more work than it should be create a new question type, and (judging by forum threads) the API is confusing.
  • It is difficult to use questions in other modules like lesson.

These are explained in more detail in Why this change is needed? below.

This is a large proposal, so I have broken it down into sections. The Design is the key part. The other sections support that.

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