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A list of renderable components to be used with output renderers.

User-related components


An avatar for a given user object, which can be rendered after being constructed directly:

$userpic1 = new user_picture($USER);

Or by using a helper method in the core renderer (preferred):

$options = array( 
    'visibletoscreenreaders' => false,
    'includefullname' => true,          // New in Moodle 3.4. Setting to true will render the user's full name beside it. Defaults to false.
$userpic2 = $OUTPUT->user_picture($USER, $options);

The user object should have the following fields:


If the object does not have these fields, the db will be queried with significant performance implications. A list of these fields can be obtained from user_picture::fields() for the purposes of getting values ahead of time if necessary.

The following options can be set on the user_picture, either by changing each field after construction or by passing in an associative array as the second argument.

$userpic->courseid = $this->page->course->id; // course id of user profile in link
$userpic->size = 35; // size of image
$userpic->link = true; // make image clickable - the link leads to user profile
$userpic->popup = false; // open in popup
$userpic->alttext = true; // add image alt attribute
$userpic->class = "userpicture"; // image class attribute
$userpic->visibletoscreenreaders = true; // whether to be visible to screen readers