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The last principal user in the Outcomes process is the student. There are really two key elements that are important for the students to be able to interact with outcomes:

  • Visibility – Students should be able to see the outcomes that they are supposed to be achieving, and they should be able to see their performance towards those outcomes.
  • Profile / Portfolio – Students should be able to have their outcomes and competencies tied to their profile, in a way that is sticky and can be part of a portfolio or resume.

Course Outcomes - Student View

This interface for the course shows all of the outcomes that have been mapped against the course and the student’s performance against those.

Course Outcomes - Student.png

Page Elements

  • Title: Course Outcomes
  • Report
    • ID – Logical ID of the Outcome
    • Outcome – Text of the outcome
    • Completion Percentage – This is the percentage completion by the student the mapped activities. If there are no resources with completion turned on, it will read N/A.
    • Average Grade – For any graded resources that are mapped against this outcome, this is the average grade of the student. If there are no graded activities, it will read N/A.
    • Associated Activities – List of the mapped activities/resources. If the list is more than 3, then it will display ellipses (…) and you can hover or click to see the full list. On hover, it displays the individual item in the list with its own statistics.

Hyperlinks in the reports go to modal windows for Completion and Grades:

Activity and Grade Callouts.png

Profile Page - Overview

One of the key tenants of the Moodle approach to outcomes it to ensure that outcome performance is durable, meaning that students can take their performance with them. This includes storing the performance with the user, as well as with the course, it also means that we have to rebuild the profile pages, because the current profile page has limited functionality. This section will look at redefining the profile to make it more useful, and also including outcomes.

Profile - Overview.png

  • Profile Column: The column on the left is reserved for most of the information that has traditionally been on the Profile page. Name, Contact, About Me, Interests, etc.
    • All elements are controlled by permissions, so that if I am viewing my own profile, I can view everything, but I may not share all of this publicly.
  • Pluggable Data Column: The right hand column (and a majority of the width) is reserved for other data, which is also a pluggable system. By default, it would include My courses, My Stream, and My Outcomes. Going forward, we could plug in new elements, including My Badges, etc.
    • All elements are controlled by permission, so that if I am viewing my own profile, I can view everything, but other users visiting my profile may not see certain tabs, etc.
    • Optionally, the pluggable elements can post alerts (see My Streams(4)) if there is new data of interest on that tab.

Profile Page - My Courses

This will display the list of courses that the user is currently enrolled in. Older courses can be viewed by clicking on Older Courses.

Profile - My Courses.png

  • Profile Elements: Inherited from Profile Page (see Profile Page – Overview)
  • My Courses Tab:
    • Course Title – Link to the Course
    • Course Description – First X characters of the course description, target to fit 5 courses on the space in an elegant way. View All link expands the description.
    • Older Courses – Loads Older (Expired) courses.
    • Optional – Depending on screen real estate, we may want to include some of the updates, such as what is on My Moodle for the courses.

Profile Page - My Stream

This will display recent activity, communication, and notifications that have come from the system or that the user has posted.

Profile - Stream.png

  • Profile Elements: Inherited from Profile Page (see Profile Page – Overview)
  • My Stream Tab:
    • Timestamp: Elements are ordered from most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom. Timestamp makes recent times appear as “10 minutes ago” or “Today @ 4:30PM”, rather than just a date/time stamp.
    • Course Title – If the message comes from a course, it begins with a link to the course.
    • Message – The message or a portion of the message, including a link to take you to the item itself.
    • View Older – Shows more messages, if available.

Profile Page - My Outcomes

This will display the student’s performance against outcomes within the courses that they have enrolled in, both now and in the past.

Profile - Outcomes.png

  • Profile Elements: Inherited from Profile Page (see Profile Page – Overview)
  • My Outcomes:
    • Outcome Set Name: Each outcome set which the student has courses mapped against will appear in the list.
    • Completion Icon: If the student has completed all of the mapped outcomes in an outcome set (Has achieved competency), it displays a check mark. If they are in progress, some type of partially full thermometer or graph. If no progress has been made, it is blank.
    • Outcome Set Description: Description of the outcomes set, limited to a smaller number of characters to make it fit elegantly, with a More link.
    • Completion Count: Number of achieved outcomes over the number of total outcomes in the mapped set.
    • View Performance Link: Takes you to the performance report for that outcomes set.

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