Outcomes Specification Change Log

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Issue Status Resolution/Description Date
Exporting Outcomes Closed Added use case. Updated Administrator spec to have export link. 2/16/13
Levels of Outcomes Closed Outcome Sets will be flat, Outcomes will be nested. Each Outcome can be configured as “assessable”, which determines whether the Outcome can be assigned to content and marked as achieved. 2/23/13
Should Outcome Text Allow HTML Closed Answer: No (They get displayed in too many places where HTML might not be good) 2/15/13
Restrict Outcomes by Category or Cohort Closed Answer: No. 2/15/13
Should outcome marking allow feedback? Closed Answer: No. (Potentially in future versions, but we have too many commenting places now as it is). 2/15/13
Should we allow tagging of outcomes/outcome sets for reporting? Closed Answer: No. (It would be nice, but we are cutting for scope. We should not design to where this could not be added in the future) 2/15/13
Review Academic Benchmarks XML Closed Sample format file received. 2/15/13
Migration of outcomes to a single outcome set. Closed Instead of migrating old outcomes to a single "Upgraded Outcomes" set, we migrate all site wide outcomes to "Upgraded Site Outcomes" and all course specific outcomes are migrated to a "Upgraded SHORTNAME Outcomes" where SHORTNAME is course shortname. 2/20/13
Add Use Case for Instructor adding Course Outcomes Closed Added a use case to the Instructor Use Cases section 2/24/13
Determine if we want to display outcomes to students ala feedback on quizzes. Open
Change the reports to be based off of “Completion” rather than “Resource Views” Closed Updated all reporting interfaces to be based on completion, rather than resource views. 2/24/13
Remove Outcome Set ShortName field as it is duplicative Closed Removed 3/14/13
On Outcome Creation, add Educational Level and Subject Closed Added 3/14/13
Collapse Outcome Sets, Outcomes, and Folders and allow them to be mapped, add a flag called assessable. Closed Collapsed these down and handled the multi level outcomes 3/14/13
Rename Outcome ID to Id Number, user editable, maps to Doc Num in AB and to Statement Notation in ASN Closed An alphanumeric notation or ID code as defined by the promulgating body to identify the statement.
Redo select Outcome Sets to make it flat, with optional filters for educational level and subject Open
Does Outcomes live in the Settings block? Gradebook or on their own? Open
How do we handle scale based items? Closed Added Scale Based Items to the Performance reports and a call out for scale based items. 3/14/13
Update Reports to show questions and rubric items under an assignment and quiz Closed Added 3/14
Update roles and capabilities: remove course creator from all capabilities except for mapping outcome sets to courses. Update capabilities to be editing teacher instead of teacher. Introduce new capabilities for import/export. Closed Added/Updated 3/19