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Other lang issues

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Other language support issues (non-UTF-8 related)

Paging for languages (e.g in list of users, page by first name or last name), is nearly impossible for foreign languages such as Japanese.
To support the paging of foreign languages, we propose to use additional field(s) in the database. For example, a user can have a first name initial and a last name initial, and every glossary will have an initial depending on the name of the glossary entry. A function, in lang/xx.php will be needed to do this paging. When a new entry is created, e.g. a new user is added, the additional fields, such as first name initial and last name initial is precalculated prior to inserting the entry into the database. Apparently a mapping is required to do the paging calculation, for every language.

Idea/patch from chinese forum (Chinese language only):