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Opensis Integration

From MoodleDocs

This document hopes to outline the goals of integrating OpenSIS with Moodle. Contact the author of this document Anthony Borrow for further information.

Major Milestones

MySQL integration

Transition to ADODB

  1. Evaluate OpenSIS table structures
  2. Transition to moodle/lib/dmllib.php calls

Evaluate OpenSIS language strings

  • (get terminology matching with Moodle)

Evaluate OpenSIS permissions scheme

  • ... and migrate toward Moodle user, role, capability, context schema

Assessment OpenSIS security

  • ensure md5 passwords

Desired functionality from integration


Single signon for teachers, students, administrators between both systems. The goal is to use Moodle's libraries and authentication types. We will need to create OpenSIS capabilities and perhaps some roles.


Courses created in OpenSIS should automatically create a course in Moodle. By default, this should use the following Course category hierarchy (Marking period, subject (department), course).


Teachers and students assigned to a course/period should be automatically enrolled in the Moodle course.


In Moodle grade items are stored in the gradebook. There are various ways of calculating the grades in Moodle. We need to figure out how best to handle this. Perhaps it would just be best initially to have OpenSIS look up the final grade and not worry about assignments or possibly to create some Moodle grade reports and simply use the Moodle gradebook. The downside to this is that the goal as I understand it is to keep the two systems separated enough that each could be a standalone.