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MNet faults

From MoodleDocs

This page lists XML-RPC faults that may be thrown by Moodle.

702/703/706/713/7012/7013/7015/7018/7019 nosuchfunction

Why do we need so many error codes for this? (See also 7019 unknownerror)

704 nosuchservice

The MNet dispatcher mode is set to "off".

705 nosuchfile

707 forbidden-function

709 nosuchpublickey

The client doesn't have a public key set.

710 verifysignature-invalid

The signature was invalid.

711/7022 verifysignature-error

The request was not signed. (711 used in Moodle 2.0 – present in Moodle 1.9, but unreachable) (7022 used in Moodle 1.9, removed in 2.0)

712 phperror

Some unspecified server-side error occurred (currently only sent when $_SERVER is not set).

7014 nosuchmethod

7019 unknownerror

The permission checking system gave a result that is unknown. (7019 could also be nosuchfunction)

7020 wrong-wwwroot

An unknown client tried to send a request.

7021 forbidden-transport

An unencrypted request is made that isn't system/keyswap, and plaintext_is_ok is not set for the client.

7023 encryption-invalid

The server receives an RPC call that cannot be decrypted with the current or any past keys.

7024 payload-not-encrypted

Although this is in the code, it doesn't look like it will ever be called, because it only happens when the server has already determined that the request was encrypted. (See also 7021 forbidden-transport) (Removed in Moodle 2.0)

7025 (public key)

Sent when the client has encrypted their request using an old key. The faultString is set to the new certificate in PEM format, and it should be signed with the old private key.