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Local Repository Plugin

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This functional specification is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION."

Functional Specification Revisions:

0.1 - 17/10/2008 - Jerome Mouneyrac - Draft Version




implementation in progress (MDL-15351)


This document is a functional specification for a Local Repository Plugin. The Moodle Repository plugin is very similar to the 1.9 course-based file manager, except it is user-based.

This document also contains a Technical Specification chapter.


  • Administrator just needs to activate the local plugin, no administration setup is required.
  • Administrator can add/delete local repository plugin
  • A teacher cannot set a local Moodle repository at the course level
  • Moodle user cannot set a local Moodle repository at personal level
  • Local plugin will display personal files
  • Local plugin will display course files
  • Local plugin will display front page files
  • Local plugin will not display empty folder (an empty folder is a folder which doesn't have any file, subfolder included)

User Interface

Administration: Plugin Settings

The administrator can add/delete the local Moodle Repository plugin. No settings are needed.

Administration: Instances Settings


File Picker

When a user clicks on the local repository, Moodle local content is displayed.

TO BE DEFINED: what exactly the user can browse, can access, can see, can select

Use Cases

UC005-1 Select a file from a local Moodle Repository

Base scenario

  1. User opens a file picker
  2. User selects the "Local" repository in the file picker
  3. System displays the Moodle file system
  4. User selects a file

Pre conditions

- The Local Repository plugin has been installed and activated

Post conditions

- The file has been added to the html editor/parent field
- the file can be retrieved once the activity/page/... has been saved

Technical Specification

TO BE DEFINED: Enter here all technical information usefull to the implementation.

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