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Lesson (and Moodle?) needs 2 tools to create a series of branch pages from a single file. One should be for text and the other for images. Essentially, this is the concept behind PowerPoint which in its early days used just text and images. This functionality is similar to import/export in question category (see GIFT format)

General functions of importing files in to Lessons

The imported file must be able to separate into different pages and be placed in a branch table. Each page can have description buttons and use one of the generic relational navigation pages for jumps. Format marks should be consistent, being similar to those used in (but not limited to) those used in Question category import/export.

The tools should appear on the Lesson creation process in place of ImportPPT and in the Add a page pull down in collapsed edit mode and as a link between pages in expanded mode.

Any of these links will take the user to the correct import file screen.

Import text file to Lesson

A text file that has standard format marks for title, descriptions and jumps. The text file must be able to be created with any document editor (Word and OO for starters) and import successfully despite any underlying code. Retaining RTF formatting would be a real plus.

At the time of import, the user can create a generic page title, description and jumps via the import screen for all pages created in that action. Option to override existing values.

Advanced features would include: Format options for:

  • bullets
  • outlines
  • special characters

Advance linking:

  • perhaps html links to images, or outside links

Advance text importing:

  • 00 text outline
  • Word text outline -

There should be no expectation of adding advanced features in Moodle 2.0.0

Import image files to Lesson

A series of zipped images that are placed in a series of branch pages. At the time of page creation, the images are added to "Files". At the time of import, descriptions and jumps for all the images in that action will be added. Jumps will be the standard generic relational pages in Lesson. By default, all page titles will be the file name. If no descriptions are added the default jump will be used along with "continue"

There should be an option to force all pictures in the import to be a certain size, or to accept the natural size.

The order of the slide import will be by the alpha numeric sort order of the file name.

Advance features might include:

  • a title option that would allow text and a generic counter
  • a text file of the file names to base the import sort order
    • this file to have a format for page title, text above and/or below the picture
    • this file to also have a format for description and jumps
  • Lines to add above and/or below a picture

There should be no expectation of adding advanced features in Moodle 2.0.0

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