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Proposal to move Moodle development from CVS to Git

There have been discussions to abandon CVS as the main version tracking system, to move to a distributed system instead. Many developers have expressed their interest for Git. A discussion is taking place in forums about a possible move to Git and contains a lot of information.

Some other systems have also been mentioned, such as Mercurial.

Git and human usage

  • A lot of people need an easy interface to the revision system. Most of them are currently using TortoiseCVS (a lot of translators, it seems). There is no tool (as of late June 2008) for Git that is equivalent in ease of use to TortoiseCVS, though qgit (said to be running flawlessly on Windows) and git-cola are improving. In the meantime, people could use a CVS gateway, which would need to work both ways (read & write), to give people time to change over once proper tools become available. Updated: As Martin Langhoff points out (late May 2009), there are two nice Windows GUI projects that are maturing quickly and look impressive: Git Extensions and TortoiseGit Iñaki Arenaza 22:35, 2 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Developers using Eclipse, NetBeans, and most other major IDEs need to wait for plugins. There is a proposal, which is aiming to provide a pure-Java implementation along with an Eclipse plugin and should lead to support at least in the Java-based IDEs, but this is still not ready for prime time (June 2008). Updated: Netbeans has NBGit with some basic support, and Eclipse has EGit
  • VCSCommand plugin for Vim now supports Git.
  • Some users are using CVS mirrors to deploy (and update) their site. Can't break this. A read-only CVS gateway could be a good working solution to this.
  • Workflows for the development need to be started - see Git Migration Workflows

Git and server-side tool integration

The way to go for developers who want it now

It's possible to use Git right now, to track

Git tutorials and reference

Here is a list of useful tutorials and reference links for Git.

Other interesting links