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Filters schema

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The objective of this page is to document all the ideas and improvements to be implemented in the "Filters" functionality of Moodle.

Every idea will be documented here, including its associated "thoughts" and potential "implementations". Feel free to add/modify everything as you want!

These are the main areas to discuss/analyse/implement:

  • Filter_enable/disable_by_context For example, enable the TeX filter only in the maths course or category. Or disable glossary auto-linking in a quiz.
  • Optional Configuration of Filters by Course and Site
  • Changes in the Caching System to Support the Multilang Filter
  • Allow filtering data before it will save in database? It will do possible exclude some data from text (like TeX formulas) and save in separate table. It will allow change formula by clicking on it and open popup window.
  • It'd be great if you could set the text cache lifetime for individual filters. This would be handy for filters that use external resources (e.g., Wikipedia) that sometimes have slow response times. I'd guess that you could use a cache lifetime of a week or more for a Wikipedia filter without causing major usability problems.
  • Mechanism like used with get_html_head_contributions in Questions

See also

  • Bug 2400 - a lot of ideas and request have been written here - add support for filtering XHTML resources as well as HTML.