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Filterall support

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$CFG->filterall support

The goal for this page is to maintain the list of database fields being handled by filters when the filterall setting is enabled in Administration >> Configuration >> Filters.

Done! fields have been processed and they should work fine. If you find any problem with them, please submit a report to the tracker.

Feel free to add your own fields if they, really, make sense (i.e. they must be short texts not processed currently by filters). Please mark them with three minus characters at the beginning and the end to be able to analyse them before processing.


List of fields

  • Assignment module:
    • assignment->name: Done!
  • Chat module:
    • chat->name: Done!
  • Choice module:
    • choice->name: Done!
    • choice->answer1: Done!
    • choice->answer2: Done!
    • choice->answer3: Done!
    • choice->answer4: Done!
    • choice->answer5: Done!
    • choice->answer6: Done!
    • new answers format in 1.5: Done!
  • Exercise module:
    • exercise->name: Done!
  • Forum module:
    • forum->name: Done!
    • post->subject: Done!
    • discussion->name: Done!
    • forum->intro: (by format_text()!) Done!
  • Glossary module:
    • glossary->name: Done!
    • ---glossary_entries->concept---
    • glossary_categories->name: Done!
  • Journal module:
    • journal->name: Done!
    • journal_entries->text: (by format_text()!) Done!
    • journal_entries->comment: (by format_text()!) Done!
  • Label module:
    • label->name: Done!
  • Lesson module:
    • lesson->name: Done!
    • lesson_pages->title: Done!
    • lesson_pages->contents: (by format_text()!) Done!
    • lesson_answers->answer (by format_text()!) Done!
    • lesson_answers->response (by format_text()!) Done!
  • Quiz module:
    • quiz->name: Done!
    • ---quiz_questions->name---
    • ---quiz_questions-->questiontext---
    • ---quiz_answers-->answer---
    • ---quiz_answers-->feedback---
    • ---quiz_categories->name---
    • ---quiz_categories->text---
  • Resource module:
    • resource->name: Done!
    • resource->summary: (by format_text()!) Done!
  • Scorm module:
    • scorm->name: Done!
  • Survey module:
    • survey->name: Done!
  • Wiki module:
    • wiki->name: Done!
  • Workshop module:
    • workshop->name: Done!
    • workshop_elements->description: (by format_text()!) Done!
  • Core: (these are really BIG updates; hundreds of changes. Not for 1.5!)
    • ---site->fullname---
    • ---course->fullname---
    • ---category->name---
    • event->name. Done!
  • Upcoming Events Block:
    • ---title of the events---
  • Calendar:
    • ---header of the events---

For review

  • Recent activity block: Course updates. Done!
  • Latest activities block. Done!
  • Name of activities in course page. Done!
  • course/recent.php. Done!
  • print_recent_mod_activity(). Done!
  • course/grades.php (name of activities and downloads). Done!
  • print_recent_activity_note(). Done!
  • course/user.php (different reports). Done!
  • the "Jump to..." menu. Done!
  • Upcoming events block. Done!
  • Jump to section (collapsed) menu. Done!
  • Calendar block. Done!
  • course/log.php. Done!
  • Block: news_items: Done!
  • Block: glossary_random: Done!
  • Block: site_main_menu: Done!
  • Block: social_activities: Done!
  • Delete all the old if ($CFG->filterall) conditions, replacing as needed. Done!
  • change filters to be able to extract proper terms to link supporting multilang tags:
    • glossary filter
    • activity name filter