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Core plugins review for Moodle 4.0

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Core plugins review
Project state Completed
Tracker issue MDL-72046 (epic)
Discussion Moodle core plugins review
Assignee Sara Arjona

Moodle 4.0


This project is about reviewing the plugins in core Moodle LMS with the aim of removing any which are no longer or hardly used, and if appropriate, adding them to the Moodle plugins directory.

Plugins to be deleted from core

The following plugins will be deleted from core but not put in the plugins directory because the technology is discontinued.

  • WebCT question import/export format (qformat_webct)
  • Examview question import/export format (qformat_examview)
  • Flash animation media player (media_swf)
  • VideoJS Flash plugin
  • Picasa repository (repository_picasa)
  • Picasa portfolio (portfolio_picasa)
  • Microsoft OneDrive (legacy) (repository_skydrive)

Plugins to be removed from core and added to the plugins directory

Plugins which have been removed from core and added to the plugins directory will initially be listed with Moodle HQ as maintainer while we seek new maintainers via the Plugins adoption programme.

  • Word censorship filter (filter_censor)
  • Health center admin tool (tool_health)
  • Jabber notification (message_jabber)
  • Quiz results block (block_quiz_results)
  • Box repository (repository_boxnet)
  • Box portfolio (portfolio_boxnet)

Note the plugins can be added to the Plugins directory only once the target version 4.0 is registered there, which happens on beta release.

Plugins we are thinking about removing from core in the future and adding to the plugins directory

We still need to decide which of the following plugins should be removed from core and added to the plugins directory. It will be done in MDL-73136 (epic). Please let us know your thoughts by posting in the discussion on Moodle core plugins review. We will collate all your feedback and review what to do with each plugin.

  • Algebra notation filter (filter_algebra)
  • Assignment 2.2 module (mod_assignment): MDL-72350
  • Equella repository (repository_equella)
  • Flickr block (block_tag_flickr): MDL-72614
  • Flickr portfolio (portfolio_flickr): MDL-72614
  • Flickr repository (repository_flickr): MDL-72614
  • Flickr public repository (repository_flickr_public): MDL-72614
  • HTML tidy filter (filter_tidy)
  • Legacy course files repository (repository_coursefiles)
  • Mahara ePortfolio (portfolio_mahara)
  • repository (repository_merlot)
  • Survey activity (mod_survey)
  • URL downloader repository (repository_url)

How will these plugins be removed from core?

  • The plugin folder (for instance, question/format/webct/ for qformat_webct), will be completely removed from Moodle core. IMPORTANT: if you want to keep any of the plugins removed from core in your Moodle site, you will need to download and copy the plugin folder to the right place BEFORE running the upgrading process.
  • Each plugin will be removed from the standard_plugins_list() method and added to the is_deleted_standard_plugin() method (both placed in lib/classes/plugin_manager.php).
The plugins will be marked as "To be deleted" if their code is not placed again in the Moodle folder.
  • The upgrading steps will be added to lib/db/upgrade.php, to remove, when it applies, specific:
    • DB tables (drop table statements).
    • settings, using unset_all_config_for_plugin().
    • capabilities, using capabilities_cleanup().
    • ...

The plugins data will be removed only if the plugins files are not present anymore in the code. So, if a site wants to keep any of the plugins removed from core, they should download and copy the plugin folder to the right place (as they use to do with third-party plugins) BEFORE running the upgrading process.