Cool Course Competition

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The purpose of the Cool Course Competition is to encourage people to donate great Moodle demo courses for our Moodle demo site and to start building our demo community hub for Moodle 2.0.


The competition will be open for two months (start and end dates to be confirmed).

Note: You are welcome to donate great Moodle demo courses for at any time, not just when the competition is open. See Moodle demo courses for details of what to do.

Competition categories

  • Best application of Moodle activities
  • Best use of graphics
  • Primary (ages 6-12)
  • Secondary (ages 12-18)
  • Tertiary (ages 18+)

Please add suggestions for further competition categories here...

Competition rules

  1. The Cool Course Competition is open to all Moodlers, except for employees.
  2. You may enter as many courses in the competition as you wish.
  3. You can only enter your course in one competition category.
  4. Your course may be in any language.
  5. Your course must include at least 3 different types of activity e.g. a forum, a quiz and a wiki.
  6. Your course may not use contributed modules or blocks. Only modules and blocks included in standard Moodle packages may be used.
  7. The maximum size for a course backup zip file is 32MB.
  8. All course content must be open source or available under one of the Creative Commons licenses.
  9. You must have the authority to publish the course under one of the Creative Commons licenses i.e. you have created the course yourself or you have permission from the course creator.
  10. Real courses currently available on may also be entered in the competition.
  11. By entering a course in the competition, you agree for your course to be hosted on and available for others to download.
  12. reserves the right to amend the competition and the competition rules if necessary.

How to enter

To enter your course in the competition:

  1. Check carefully that all course content is either open source or covered by a Creative Commons license.
  2. Optional: If you wish, add a credit block similar to the credit block in the Romeo and Juliet course.
  3. Create a course backup without user data and with the following options selected:
    • Metacourse: No
    • Users: None
    • Logs: No
    • User files: No
    • Course files: Yes
  4. Download and save the backup zip file.
  5. Complete the Cool Course Competition entry form (link available soon - see MDLSITE-770) and upload your backup zip file.

Your course backup will be manually checked before being added to


The Moodle community will be invited to vote for the winner in each category by participating in choice activities. In the event of a tie, prize money will be divided accordingly.


There will be cash prizes for each category. If you wish to contribute towards the prizes, please use or contact

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