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Moodle developer community members meet and discuss moodle development techniques and problems in an online Moodle Dev Chat.

We use a public Matrix room called moodledev.

Everybody is welcome to join, given the following policies are respected.

Moodle Dev Chat policies

Don't use the chat to get support for using Moodle
There are forums for that, or talk to a Moodle Partner
Be nice
Help us maintain a great developer community: Be respectful to others' viewpoints. Give and accept the constructive feedback and eventually criticism, too. Be honest, but not offensive.
Speak English in the chat.
Moodle is a global project with worldwide community and English - even on elementary level - works best for us.
Use your real name in the chat.
Keep it consistent with your profile and Git commits.
Keep topics and discussions focused.
Everything you post in the chat, hits several hundreds of other people instantly. Let us not disturb each other.
Avoid funny animated gifs, memes and stickers.
There are better places online for sharing them.
Advertising is generally not allowed, although certain exceptions may be made.