A standard set of fixtures for unit tests?

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What you get when Moodle in installed

When Moodle is installed, you don't just get empty database tables in the database, you also get some data created in some of the tables. The following is what I get from a fresh install of HEAD on Postgres using

SELECT relname, reltuples FROM
relname LIKE 'mdl_%'
AND relkind = 'r'
AND reltuples > 0
ORDER BY reltuples DESC
Table rows
mdl_role_capabilities 600
mdl_capabilities 236
mdl_config 205
mdl_log_display 104
mdl_survey_questions 73
mdl_config_plugins 35
mdl_block 31
mdl_mnet_rpc 17
mdl_mnet_service2rpc 17
mdl_modules 15
mdl_role_allow_assign 13
mdl_user_preferences 8
mdl_role_allow_override 7
mdl_role 7
mdl_block_instance 6
mdl_survey 5
mdl_quiz_report 4
mdl_mnet_service 4
mdl_message_providers 4
mdl_context 3
mdl_message_processors 3
mdl_mnet_host 2
mdl_user 2
mdl_mnet_application 2
mdl_events_handlers 2
mdl_cache_flags 1
mdl_course_categories 1
mdl_role_assignments 1
mdl_course 1

Interpreting that, we have

  • Version information for all installed plugins (and Moodle itself).
  • Defaults for all the config variables.
  • The standard roles and their capabilites
  • The Admin user.
  • The Guest user.
  • The Miscellaneous category.
  • The site course.
  • The log_display information.
  • Configuration of the messaging system.
  • Some mnet stuff.
  • Some survey module stuff.

Proposed standard test fixture

Oops, apparently Nicolas's generator script already had a default configuration a bit like this.

To make life easier for test writers, should we have something like the following: (This is the set up I normally end up creating in most of my dev sites.)

  • A test course, short name 'TST100', full name 'Test course'.
  • The following user accounts (These are firstname lastname (username)
    • Student One (s1)
    • Student Two (s2)
    • Student Three (s3)
    • Student Four (s4)
    • Odd Teacher (t1)
    • Even Teacher (t2)
  • Those users enrolled in test course in the obvious roles.
  • Two groups in the course, Group 1 (t1, s1, s3) and Group 2 (t2, s2, s4).

That is just a minimal set (so easy to maintain). Any more specific tests will have to set up their own test data. This list of test data is probably useful enough to consider having it always present. Of course, suggestions for extending this list are welcome.

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