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Features requiring the MoodleNet OAuth 2 service

You will need to set up a MoodleNet OAuth 2 service in order to use the following features:

  • MoodleNet (Only the outbound "Share to MoodleNet" feature, not the inbound features)

MoodleNet OAuth 2 service setup

Note: Currently, only MoodleNet central (MoodleNet) supports the share API. The OAuth 2 service template is preset to support configuration of this MoodleNet central application.

To set up the service in Moodle:

1. Go to OAuth 2 services (Site administration > Server > OAuth 2 services) and create a new MoodleNet service.

2. The service configuration form is now shown. Note the Service base URL is preset to MoodleNet central. You may change the name of the service here if you wish, however, please leave other fields unchanged.

3. Save the changes.

4. The service will now auto-configure itself and Moodle will redirect to the services listing. If you see a green tick in the "Discovery" column, your newly created service is ready for use.