Tipo de pregunta intervalo musical

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This question type deals with music intervals. The respondent is given a note and is prompted to enter a second note at a given interval. Answers are entered in a graphical user interface.

Note: The author of this add-on (Jay Huber) no longer works in higher education and will not be able to support this plugin. A new version of the plugin by Dr Eric Brisson from Winona State University will be available soon.

Vista general

El tipo de pregunta intervalo es sobre intervalos musicales y puede ser útil para la enseñanza en escuela secundaria o bachillerato. Las respuestas se escriben en una interfase de usuario gráfica.

Características actuales

  • Mutiple answers may be configured for specific feedback or partial grade
  • A graphical user interface is used to enter answers

Algunas ideas para el desarrollo futuro

  • Include interval identification as an alternate question
  • Use the Flash interface to enter question options when creating or editing a question
  • Generate a question bank or add a randomization feature in the question options
  • Add optional, built-in automated feedback on various wrong answers


  • Moodle 2.3 o 2.4
  • Javascript must be enabled to allow for communication between PHP and the Flash interface


  • Copy the "interval" folder into the following folder: {moodle root}/question/type
  • Log in as administrator and load the "Notifications" page on the Moodle home page - this will create database tables used by the question type
  • Within a quiz, select "Intervals" in the "Create new question" dropdown menu

Solución de problemas

  • Failed to load question options from the table question_interval for questionid xxx: The likely cause for this error is that a required database table is missing. To correct the issue, load the "Notifications" page on the Moodle home page (located just under "Site Administration", while logged in as administrator). Please note that any question created before fixing this issue will have to be discarded.

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