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Moodle 3.9

Historia de las versiones > Notas de Moodle 3.9.4

Fecha de liberación: 18 de enero del 2021

Aquí está la lista completa de composturas en 3.9.4.

Advertencia - cursos con muchas secciones

Si Usted usa un formato de curso personalizado, y sus cursos necesitan tener un gran número de secciones (más de 52), para esta versión de Moodle Usted necesitará implementar el método get_max_sections() en el archivo lib.php de su formato de curso personalizado, para configurar un límite mayor al predeterminado. El predeterminado viene de get_max_sections() en course/format/lib.php - Usted puede copiar este método a su archivo lib de su formato de curso y usar cualquier máximo que necesite.

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Composturas y mejoras generales

  • MDL-54907 - Automatically submitted quiz attempts: finish time is set to when cron ran, not when the attempt ended
  • MDL-69964 - The "Select all X users" button doesn't activate the drop-down menu in Participants Page
  • MDL-68896 - SCORM error in Chrome because of "XHR in page dismissal" policy change
  • MDL-67623 - Course overview (my courses block) pagination is broken beyond the second page
  • MDL-56119 - Rubric display layout issue, after students feedback is released
  • MDL-50955 - Lesson module error on save - Cannot find grade item for 'lesson'
  • MDL-65941 - Redis server issues break cache configuration page
  • MDL-70157 - AWS Aurora MySQL support for Moodle (backport of MDL-58931)
  • MDL-70285 - The MDL-69687 upgrade step kills large databases
  • MDL-69526 - Custom field values in course overview block follow incorrect order
  • MDL-65852 - Non-editing teacher should be able to download course participants list
  • MDL-70265 - Reduce the number of phpunit runs in core's .travis.yml
  • MDL-70386 - Illegible css coloring of correct/incorrect div
  • MDL-69930 - Duplication items in drag-onto-image question
  • MDL-70276 - Add support for github actions to moodle.git
  • MDL-70355 - Multilang Filters not applied to Calendar block
  • MDL-70063 - [Youtube Plugin] Selecting a category results in error
  • MDL-67513 - View conversation link does not work when grading in full screen mode
  • MDL-70558 - Available language packs unsorted, difficult to locate
  • MDL-69868 - H5P corrupts USER object, causing forum error
  • MDL-70426 - Drag-drop markers questions: infinite markers keep duplicating
  • MDL-70065 - Quiz add questions from question bank: problem with paging & show all
  • MDL-62707 - codingerror in Global Search when "search within enrolled courses only" is set
  • MDL-70148 - Write new keyboard steps for Behat
  • MDL-69955 - Question type Drag and Drop: drop zone disappear in special case
  • MDL-70320 - Incorrect HTML escaping on the override permissions screen
  • MDL-70261 - Upload Courses tool breaks on locked custom fields
  • MDL-70436 - On mobile, the Quiz confirmation modal has it's close button cut off
  • MDL-70373 - Atto HTML editor lacks border outside Moodle forms (e.g. Essay questions)
  • MDL-70374 - Layout of multiple choice questions not well aligned
  • MDL-70520 - Moodle upgrade resets scheduled tasks lastruntime
  • MDL-70117 - PDF dataformat export: content can overflow when page headers are involved
  • MDL-70072 - Date in message system (always in Gregorian)
  • MDL-70248 - Drag and Drop onto images: Drop zones have UI issue in Editing form
  • MDL-70080 - Users should be able to contact the site's support via the Moodle App (Backport of MDL-69810)
  • MDL-67636 - Locking grade category exposes hidden item grades on user report
  • MDL-70352 - Modal forms stay on the screen if you have multiple modals on one page
  • MDL-70567 - Task logs page doesn't respect result filter when moving through the pagination
  • MDL-70009 - Course with H5P element in content bank can not be deleted by Manager/Teacher role (with appropriate rights)

Mejoras de accesibilidad

  • MDL-69841 - Edit Quiz, click on help icon under review options group will check / uncheck the checkbox
  • MDL-69422 - HTML validation and accessibility problems on database export page
  • MDL-69301 - Focus order in tabs
  • MDL-70094 - Question preview: Technical info section expands if you click the help icon there
==Mejoras de seguridad==
  • MDL-69877 - Set up a security.txt file in Moodle LMS

Composturas de seguridad

Details of any security issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version.

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