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Moodle 3.7

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Historia de las versiones > Notas de Moodle 3.7.3

Fecha de liberación: 11 Noviembre 2019

Aquí está la lista completa de composturas en 3.7.3.

Vea nuestra página de las Nuevas características de Moodle 3.7 en la documentación del usuario para una introducción más amistosa, con imágenes, sobre Moodle 3.7.

Composturas y mejoras

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  • MDL-46978 - Edit grade item changes visibility of category total
  • MDL-63895 - Profile / Participants list: Have roles with "Capabilities/moodle/course:viewsuspendedusers" respect the given setting
  • MDL-61121 - Assignment accessibility correct use of tables and toggleable +/- link
  • MDL-66409 - Lesson's numerical answers with value 0 are deleted on edit
  • MDL-62915 - Privacy API allows Primary Admin Account to be deleted
  • MDL-66433 - Courses with course visibility set to hide should be labelled 'Hidden from students' in the course overview (backport of MDL-65621)
  • MDL-66156 - Deleting a course that's been starred causes 'invalidrecord: Can't find data record in database table course.' error
  • MDL-64064 - Timeline block item dates should include the year
  • MDL-66091 - Analytics upcoming activities due notification and prediction should be clearer
  • MDL-51327 - Unzipped Embedded Files Disappear when Topic is Saved
  • MDL-66946 - Teachers appear in quiz reports when "enrolled users who have, or have not, attempted the quiz" option selected
  • MDL-66801 - Moodle XML question export/import does not include question-category idnumbers
  • MDL-66656 - Social Format Course-Edit Summary Icon leads to 'File Not Found'
  • MDL-66197 - When installing multiple languages with parents only the first parent is installed
  • MDL-66090 - Upcoming activities due notification email should come from the support contact
  • MDL-63250 - RecordRTC and assignment: Players are too big
  • MDL-65310 - Activities with Available from date and without deadline show as overdue in Timeline Block
  • MDL-66450 - User data label should wrap in enrol users modal window
  • MDL-66247 - Notification focus is not ARIA compliant
  • MDL-66915 - Assignment notifications with marking workflow get stuck in cron
  • MDL-66764 - Quiz "Try another question like this one" repeats random questions too often
  • MDL-66851 - Hidden courses visible in block_starredcourses
  • MDL-66293 - Pagination overflows modal window on add random question
  • MDL-66548 - Timer Issue - Conflict between Classic Theme and Quiz Setting
  • MDL-66864 - Upgrade fails with error 'number of parameters must be between 0 and 65535' on large sites
  • MDL-66328 - Groups overview runs out of memory on very large courses
  • MDL-65429 - Include unsubscribes in the forum subscription cache to improve performance

Para desarrolladores

  • MDL-66675 - Add pause on fail option to behat
  • MDL-66335 - Behat: new steps to navigate directly to a pages for any plugin, possibly while logging in

Composturas y mejoras de seguridad

Composturas de seguridad

  • MSA-19-0024 Assigned Role in Cohort did not un-assign on removal
  • MSA-19-0025 Add additional verification for some OAuth 2 logins to prevent account compromise
  • MSA-19-0026 Blind XSS reflected in some locations where user email is displayed
  • MSA-19-0027 Open redirect in Lesson edit page
  • MSA-19-0028 Email media URL tokens were not checking for user status
  • MSA-19-0029 Reflected XSS possible from some fatal error messages

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