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Moodle 3.6

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Historia de las versiones > Notas de Moodle 3.6.7

Fecha de liberación: 11 noviembre 2019

Aquí está la lista completa de problemas resueltos en 3.6.7.

Composturas y mejoras

  • MDL-46978 - Edit grade item changes visibility of category total
  • MDL-63895 - Profile / Participants list: Have roles with "Capabilities/moodle/course:viewsuspendedusers" respect the given setting
  • MDL-61121 - Assignment accessibility correct use of tables and toggleable +/- link
  • MDL-66409 - Lesson's numerical answers with value 0 are deleted on edit
  • MDL-62915 - Privacy API allows Primary Admin Account to be deleted
  • MDL-66433 - Courses with course visibility set to hide should be labelled 'Hidden from students' in the course overview (backport of MDL-65621)
  • MDL-66156 - Deleting a course that's been starred causes 'invalidrecord: Can't find data record in database table course.' error
  • MDL-64064 - Timeline block item dates should include the year
  • MDL-51327 - Unzipped Embedded Files Disappear when Topic is Saved
  • MDL-66946 - Teachers appear in quiz reports when "enrolled users who have, or have not, attempted the quiz" option selected
  • MDL-66801 - Moodle XML question export/import does not include question-category idnumbers
  • MDL-66197 - When installing multiple languages with parents only the first parent is installed
  • MDL-66090 - Upcoming activities due notification email should come from the support contact
  • MDL-63250 - RecordRTC and assignment: Players are too big
  • MDL-65310 - Activities with Available from date and without deadline show as overdue in Timeline Block
  • MDL-66450 - User data label should wrap in enrol users modal window
  • MDL-66247 - Notification focus is not ARIA compliant
  • MDL-66915 - Assignment notifications with marking workflow get stuck in cron
  • MDL-66764 - Quiz "Try another question like this one" repeats random questions too often
  • MDL-66851 - Hidden courses visible in block_starredcourses
  • MDL-66293 - Pagination overflows modal window on add random question
  • MDL-66864 - Upgrade fails with error 'number of parameters must be between 0 and 65535' on large sites
  • MDL-66328 - Groups overview runs out of memory on very large courses
  • MDL-65429 - Include unsubscribes in the forum subscription cache to improve performance

Para desarrolladores

  • MDL-66675 - Add pause on fail option to behat
  • MDL-66335 - Behat: new steps to navigate directly to a pages for any plugin, possibly while logging in

Composturas y mejoras de seguridad

Composturas de seguridads

  • MSA-19-0024 Assigned Role in Cohort did not un-assign on removal
  • MSA-19-0025 Add additional verification for some OAuth 2 logins to prevent account compromise
  • MSA-19-0027 Open redirect in Lesson edit page
  • MSA-19-0028 Email media URL tokens were not checking for user status
  • MSA-19-0029 Reflected XSS possible from some fatal error messages

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