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Moodle 3.5

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Fecha de liberación: : 9 Julio 2018

Aquí está la lista completa de problemas corregidos en 3.5.1.

Principales características

  • MDL-62544 - Permitirle a administradores y oficiales de privacidad el hacer solicitudes de acceso dl interesado a nombre y en representación de usuarios
  • MDL-62211 - La página de solicitudes de datos puede ser filtrada u ordenada y está paginada
  • MDL-62391 - El usuario que hizo la solicitud de datos es mostrado en la página de solicitudes de datos

Composturas y mejoras

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  • MDL-57968 - Multiple unnecessary Messaging AJAX requests
  • MDL-61702 - Can't install Moodle with MariaDB version >= 10.3.1
  • MDL-59047 - Short answer question doesn't display correctly when using the Boost theme
  • MDL-61189 - Calendar event descriptions not saved when using TinyMCE
  • MDL-62239 - Drag and drop question types broken when using iOS 11.3
  • MDL-51419 - Filename corruption on download when name contains multibyte chars when using MS Edge
  • MDL-62658 - Notifications are not marked as read when clicked on
  • MDL-62543 - New 'deleted' field for forum posts is used in the wrong way for RSS feeds
  • MDL-62516 - Request to delete forum data for a user will delete files of all users
  • MDL-62440 - Participants page exhausts memory with many site-wide role assignments
  • MDL-62358 - Question rendering API does not support all 'question numbers' that might be needed
  • MDL-60915 - get_recordset methods load entire result set into memory in Postgres
  • MDL-62493 - Policy plugin problem when guests attempt to create an account
  • MDL-62574 - Database exception when deleting user data from the HTML block
  • MDL-62532 - Predefined tags are not appearing in the question tag dropdown
  • MDL-61832 - Editing options disappear after saving a Lesson page in expanded view
  • MDL-56498 - Notifications are not marked as read when clicked in popover
  • MDL-62270 - Cron task fails on data-privacy-related task when admin directory renamed
  • MDL-62320 - JSON should be enabled as a file type, as used in data export
  • MDL-62735 - Simple search does not obey global search on/off setting
  • MDL-58702 - Restore role mappings form has no label
  • MDL-62705 - Global search results order selection does not display when no context
  • MDL-62597 - Data requests date column should include time
  • MDL-62519 - After making multiple attempts to record a video, only the last attempt should be saved
  • MDL-61932 - Glossary created via import does not display on the front page
  • MDL-61778 - The online status icon in the messaging interface is a "play" button instead of a coloured dot
  • MDL-58063 - Unable to access manage files within HTML block on Page resource when using the Clean theme
  • MDL-61894 - Tag-managing dialog modals have unstyled buttons
  • MDL-62386 - Audio file doesn't display when using HTML5 audio media player
  • MDL-62796 - Policy popup should display for not logged in users
  • MDL-62288 - Glossary entries permalinks

Asuntos de seguridad

Varios problemas relacionados con la seguridad han sido solucionados. Sus detalles serán publicados aproximadamente una semana más tarde para permitir a los administradores la actualización de los sitios de forma segura.

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