Módulo Hotpot FAQ

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¿Qué es Hotpot?

  • Hotpot is a contributed module allowing Moodlers to upload Hot Potatoes activities to Moodle and have the scores recorded in Moodle's gradebook.
  • Hot Potatoes is a quiz making program. It is freeware and allows non-technical users easily to create cloze (gap-fill), multiple choice, matching, crosswords and jumbled sentence exercises. Exercises are made offline and then uploaded to Moodle.

¿De donde puedo conseguir Hotpot?

The Hotpot activity module can be downloaded from the plugins database.

¿Necesitan mis estudiantes tener Hot potatoes en sus computadoras para poder hacer mis exámenes?


Do I have to upload the .html file Hot potatoes makes for my quiz to work?

Not necessarily. According to your display preferences, you can often use the project file (jmt/jcl etc)

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