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El objetivo de esta actividad es traer el aspecto del aprendizaje-basado-en-juego a cursos Moodle. Sí, el aprendizaje-basado-en-juego es mucho más que el usar una animación graciosa y sí, HTML 5 es más 'padre' que Flash - pero estos son desarrollos que nosotros hicimos en el pasado y simplemente queremos compartirlos por el gusto de hacerlo.

La forma en la que funciona la actividad es que dos de los exajuegos están basados en exámenes que se les dan a los estudiantes dentro de un curso Moodle. De esta forma, los exajuegos pueden verse como otra forma-divertida de adquirir conocimiento mediante una "mejora" de exámenes.


We started out with the “braingame” which basically reads out questions from quizzes. During the answering of questions there is a small animation (brain growing for given correct answers). The ultimate goal is to catapult the scientist into outer space – otherwise he drops into the ocean. Highscores are given back to Moodle-courses – we used the course-results block which is not supported under Moodle 2.x so far.


This year we have enhanced the activity with another game called exaclick. The principles were taken from an old television-show where tiles would cover up a whole picture and then would be uncovered one by one. In our version this is also combined with Moodle-quizzes but in addition questions can be enhanced with a video or picture that can be covered with tiles. These questions can be categorized with difficulty-levels – the enhancement is done with an integrated Flash-based editor.

Regarding gameplay: after one recognizes the picture or video the stop-button is pressed and a question (it could be related to the picture) is then displayed which should be answered correctly. If the question answered incorrectly one heart is lost, three lost hearts equals to “game over”. Bonus points (for a game-highscore) are given for the factor speed (the sooner the picture is recognized the more bonus-points are gained). For exaclick to work you need to configure the questions that you have added to a test that the game is based upon.

1. Upload some pictures and/or videos to a folder within your Moodle-course

2. Create a test based upon a question bank

3. Create a game using the activity “exabis games” and choosing “exaclick” from the pulldown-menu

4. Configure your question in the tab “configure question”. Here you can choose a question. By clicking on the question a flash-based editor is opened. Insert a link to a picture or video that was previously uploaded.

5. Save the question

6. Continue configuring questions on different difficulty-levels.

7. Have your students play the game – Highscores are displayed within the exabis games-activity.

This is a mere embedding of a platform we have started to develop two years back. Here students can create individual games based upon the adventure-principle. Take a look at the game “Hallo Welt” to get a basic idea. The platform was financed by the Federal Austrian Ministry of Education and is free to use for everyone.

Try out gamelabs with the

user: gamecreator

password: Ilovegamelabs!

to experiment.

Enjoy, the gtn-team!