Experience Points (XP) plugins

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Experience Points (XP) plugins
Tipo Optional block
Conjunto N/A
Descargas https://moodle.org/plugins/browse.php?list=set&id=58
Problemas https://github.com/FMCorz/moodle-block_xp/issues
Discusión https://moodle.org/plugins/view.php?plugin=block_xp
Mantenedor(es) Frédéric Massart

Level up! (block_xp)


Engage your students! A Moodle plugin to gamify your students' learning experience by allowing them to level up in their courses.


  • Automatically captures and attributes experience points to students' actions
  • Block that displays current level and progress towards next level
  • Report for teachers to get an overview of their students' levels
  • Experience points are earned per course
  • An event is fired when a student levels up (for developers)


Moodle 2.7 or greater.


Simply install the plugin and add the block to a course page.

How are experience points calculated?

Thanks to the new Event system introduced in Moodle 2.6, the plugin captures the events having the educational level participating and gives experience points based on whether they are creating, updating or reading content. Though due to the lack of participating events in earlier versions, this plugin was developed for 2.7 or greater.

How to restrict access to a module?

Have a look at this availability plugin Level.


  • Allowing teachers to define the experience points attributed for each action
  • Customizable algorithm to determine the experience points needed for each level
  • Add settings to customize the design of the levels
  • A 'ladder' page to see other students' levels
  • Awarding a badge when a student reaches a level (blocked by MDL-39864)


Licensed under the GNU GPL License