Bloque Lista Curso Rapida

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This block allows courses to accessed quickly by use of AJAX searching. If Javascript is not available, it will fall back to use PHP forms.

This block requires no configuration.


Start typing the Full Name or Short Name of the course you wish to find. The results will be narrowed down as you type. When the course you want to access is displayed, simply click the link.

The search also supports SQL-Style wildcards: _ will match 1 character, % will match any number of characters. E.G. to match courses starting with A1C or A2C, you could enter A_C. You only need to use % if you require a wildcard in the middle of a string - they are implied at the start and the end (so searching for SCI is the same as %SCI%). If you wish to search for a literal _ or % precede them with a \, so to find a course name containing A_C you'd enter A\_C.