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Q. How do I install the Feedback module?

  • Unzip the package to a temporary folder somewhere (e.g., c:\UnzipFeedback).
  • Copy the feedback folder from the mod folder in the unzip folder (e.g., c:\UnzipFeedback\mod\feedback) into (yourmoodle/mod).
  • Copy the feedback folder from the blocks folder in the unzip folder (e.g., c:\UnzipFeedback\blocks\feedback) into (yourmoodle/blocks).
  • (This step wasn't necessary for installing in English.) Inside the moodle folder in the unzip, find lang and inside that find the relevant language folder for you (english is en_utf8). Therein you'll find two php files (block_feedback.php and feedback.php). Copy these two files into (yourmoodle)/lang/(language) - e.g. (yourmoodle)/lang/en_utf8
  • (This step wasn't necessary for installing in English.) Also in the relevant language folder you'll find a help folder and inside that a feedback folder. Copy this feedback folder into (yourmoodle)/lang/(language)/help - e.g. (yourmoodle)/lang/en_utf8/help
  • Log on as an Admin and click Notifications in the Site Admin block.

(This answer is based on a forum post by Richard Goddard. I had problems finding this information so I added here in hopes that it might help others having installation problems.)

Q. How do I create a Feedback activity and add questions?

  • From the Add an activity... drop down, select Feedback.
  • Complete the Name, Description, and other options then save.
  • To add questions to your Feedback activity, click the link for the feedback activity, click the Edit questions tab, and add questions.

I do not see the Edit Questions tab. What should I do?

This does happen sometimes. Usually, logging out of the course and then logging back in will take care of this problem.

Will the Feedback module be included in Moodle 2.0?

The Feedback module will be included in Moodle 2.0, but disabled by default. Moodle 2.1 will include a new module that combines the best of Questionnaire, feedback and survey into an upgrade for the Encuestas.

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