Reusing activities

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There are several ways to reuse a course or parts of a course. Most of them involve or are similar to a backup and restore process.

  • Activity backup
  • Activity restore
  • Import course data - Allows a teacher to go to another course they teach and import elements into the current course. Similar to a Backup and Restore, except it is one process.
  • Reset course - Basically cleans all the activity from the current course.
  • Duplicate a resource/activity - Use the Duplicate option in the Edit settings menu for any activity or resource to make another copy of it.

See also

  • Course backup - The traditional way (along with Restore) to take all or parts of a course and duplicate it on the current site or on a different Moodle site.
  • Course restore - Allows taking all or parts of a course backup and adding it to an existing course or creating a new course.
  • Course copy - Those with the relevant capabilities can copy a course within the same Moodle site.
  • Sharing Cart - A plugin that allows you to easily share activities between courses.